Saturday, November 28, 2015


Just like our previous Chaos Manor, this new Chaos Manor has become a hang out place here adn there for teens it seems.  Like a revolving door really.  But, I take that as a good sign.  Plus, fun having them around at times and seeing how they all interact.  Some of Bojan's friends come here from time to time.  Two of the girls are super sweet and have wonderful personalities. They even put up wtih Sofie and Summer bugging them and asking them tons of questions.  One day all of them were out doing homework at the picnic table with Sofie and Summer on their laps!  LOL.  Last time they were here, Bojan and Reni made homemade soft pretzels.  Turned into pretzel logs though as they got lazy to make the pretzel shapes.  Still tasted good. 

Poor girl didn't stand a chance w/ two brothers  tag teaming and goofing off.  Trying to be serious here.

Trying to make evil faces without laughing.  Pretzel logs in the background.

Smiles and a goofy smile from Max trying not to laugh while making an 'evil' face.  Important thing was they all had fun.  And the kitchen was jumping with activity b/c everyone was in there.  It was not just these three goofing around.  I had a kitchen full of antics going on.  But, I know where they all are, don't have to worry about what they're up to, etc.  So it may be noisy but I take it as a good sign. 

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