Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cold, cocoa and cleaning

Today is Tuesday.  Max officially got his job today at UPS so he is clearly excited.  Bojan has two friends over right now and they are making homemade soft pretzels.  I'm catching up on a few things including some blog posts.  It is cold in here.  Very cold.  Our heat decided it doesn't want to work.  Now, luckily we have dual heat so upstairs works just fine.  Only downstairs.  You know, where we spend all day.  We have a small space heater we use for camping but in large rooms, not really any good.  It's Thanksgiving Week so guessing no repairman till next week.  Luckily, we only had two really cold days in NC and rest of the week will be good. 

Hot cocoa is definitely a benefit of no heat since yesterday.  Kids love this idea and are hoping we don't get the heat fixed.  LOL.  Marshmallows to boot!

Nate is wrapped up in sleeper pajamas and blankets.  He tends to fall asleep w/ us on the couch every night.  He's too terrified to sleep by himself.  Even with Nik in his room, he's too scared to fall asleep.  So, we carry him up to bed every night.

More warm stuff.  2 full crock-pots of soup.

We are trying to clean for Thanksgiving around here.  Bojan is taking it seriously.  After he looks at all the pictures. 

Just getting ready for winter season to come to NC.  Prepping the yard, prepping the house, getting blankets out, making sure supplies are in place, etc.  The basics really.  We have three giant cans of hot cocoa.  If we have a zombie apocalypse, at least they wont' be cold.  LOL. 

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