Monday, November 23, 2015

Building, breaking and beads

Kids have had fun with dominoes I bought at a local yardsale.  Best $1 spent.

Even Nate is enjoying trying to put it together.  He likes when sibs build it up and he gets to knock them down.

Been cleaning for Thanksgiving.  3 glasses loast this last go around.

Bought these sensory beads.  Nate LOVES them.  They are horrible when spilled.  I will warn you.  Toughest little buggers to pick up and clean up for sure.

close up on our beads.  

Going to do 3 to 4 posts every night to play catch up somewhat.  Facebook name is Stephanie Spencer Boyd as some have asked me for it.  I keep up a bit better on there than the blog lately.  Be prepared to hear more and see more pics for sure!

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