Monday, November 23, 2015

Blessings Abound

We have blessed by many people lately.  A wonderful lady had been coming and teaching us to cook.  She is a neighbor.  Recently, I entered an online contest.  I won! A Santa sack!

Alyona modelling it.  As big as her!  LOL.

Closer look at the sack.  Was a great surprise to win something we can use.

Another blessing recently was a dear friend sent these Pilgrim Hats for us to make.  Kids did this today for therapy.  We'll fill it w/ goodies and put them out for guests.  Sweet of her to think of our family.  Thank you Elaine!

Roses blooming all the way into November!  Crazy.  Also had one hydrangea bloom and a petunia as well.  

Always count your blessings.  Always.

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