Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday-- quick update

Irina is still in bad shape.  Really, really dizzy.  Can only lay down.  Throws up whenever she gets up.  Called doc and nurse said it is not normal at this juncture.  She was going to ask the doctor and get back to me.  I called back and 4:00 and left another message.  No one got back to me today.  Not too happy about that with a post op patient.  I know it has to do with her inner ear but need answers as to how long it should go on.  Because according to him, she could have gone back to work today.  Yep, no way  yet.  Can't even stand.  If not better in the morning, taking her to the ER as it can't go on but for so long. 

Nate is getting better so antibiotics were needed for sure.  He's returning to his old self but still grumpy. I took care of a ton of paperwork stuff today.  Our car loan bank told us they never got a copy of our insurance.  Redid that one.  Made all sorts of appointments.  Talked to the Duke neuro team.  Developmental people. Sofie's appointment is in November.  I had a mammogram. Trouble was when I got there, they had no doctor's order for it.  Waited for doc to fax it over and then be seen.  Much quicker than previous ones I've had so kind of wondering about that.  We'll see in about a week how that went. 

Tomorrow I have a doc appointment.  Therapist comes to the house tomorrow for speech.  Other things to take care of.  Hoping to get caught up.  Alex and Logan volunteered to be in the dunk tank this weekend at Camp Woodbine.  Should be hilarious.  Can't wait for a fun weekend.  More to share, more pics to come but obviously with a sick child and a surgical patient, been busy.  Tomorrow should be a bit better with things.

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