Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sunshine, Sassy, Spiders, & Sweet

NC has received a lot of rain.  Not as much flooding as SC but just a lot of rain where we live.  That being said, when the sunshine finally did come out, everyone just wanted to be outside all the time.  All of us missed it so very much. 

 Was too nice to be inside this week so we did a lot outside.  Isabelle worked on therapy with Nate outside as well. His therapy ball is a gray one.  This was just to play this time. 

Nate just simply enjoying the sunshine around him.

Sofie has been sassy.  A lot lately.  So, she gets punished.  She's also been mean hitting.  Her punishment chore she hates with a passion is picking up pine cones.  We're surrounded by pine cones at this house.  We never run out of punishment for Sofie.

Please, no, not another pine cone.  I'll be good this time.  She also adds to this screaming at the top of her longs to try to elicit a response from me. Doesn't work.  Though neighbors may think we're skinning a cat if she keeps that up.

And this face takes the cake.  One day, she'll learn.  I hope.

Moving to the woods, there are critters and creatures around here.  One of them being spiders.  Lots and lots of spiders.  This was a small one.  We've seen some wolf spiders and some huge ones at that.  Beautiful mums this time of year but the spiders I could do without.  All over around here.  

A picture from the front.  Cool colors though not one to touch according to Max.

This week we made dinner for another family at church.  I decided to make cupcakes to go with it.  Weird cooking for a family smaller than yours.  But fun.  

My icing bags have been destroyed.  So, no more.  Improvised w/ a small sandwich baggie and cutting a hole in the corner.  Next time, maybe I'll have bags to actually decorate with. Still have the tips at least.  Kids didn't complain the way they looked.  They ate them too. 

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