Tuesday, October 13, 2015

School and Therapy

We homeschool all but Bojan now.  Alyona is more on life skills and Sofie/ Summer, basics.  The rest I'm trying to prepare as best I can for high school.  Bojan's school and I have spoken at length and are still trying to ascertain if that school would be the best option for them given academic delays/ learning disabilities.  For now, I'm going at their pace and making sure they learn a concept before we move on. 

Some of the kids working on rocks/minerals worksheets.  Though we have a school room too, we seem to always end up at the kitchen table.

Alyona does therapy.  Part of it is to teach her life skills and build up hand strength.  This involves cooking.  Lots and lots of cooking.

She made apple crisp last week.  Yumm.  She's also made dirt cake.  We're going to teach her how to make bread as well.

Reni, enjoying an apple break before getting back to work.  Tuesdays we have 4-H club, Wednesdays we have library and church, Fridays, we'll be having group meetings w/ other homeschoolers.  3 days out of the week other activities for school.  We also do additional stuff.  The other week we had a Halloween party to go to and a science lab in the evening we went to.  Don't want you think they live in this kitchen.  LOL. 

Nate exploring his world.  He loves water and so when it rains, he wants to sit in it.  He's going to be one disappointed kid when fall hits and it cools off.

While we do school, Max is still job hunting.  Until he finds one, he 'works' for Mom and Dad.  Odd jobs.  This day, he was fixing a mixer.  Cleaned it all out and works so much better now.  He's done a lot of our minor repairs, etc.  I will miss the resident handyman once he gets a full time job. 

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