Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pretzel Proud

So, my homeschoolers have been learning how to cook.  Actually, a lot of them self-teaching which is great.  We have a big kitchen and plenty of space for multiple people to work.  The other day, they wanted to learn to make pretzels.  Found a pinterest recipe. Of course. 

Umm, first attempt the dough was a bit soupy.

Not sure they knew what to do with it at that point.

They still wanted to give it a shot.  This was the first batch attempt.

Alex and Reni did the second batch attempt.  I think they thought flour would answer those soupy dough problems.

Working hard, that's for sure.

These were some fat pretzels.  That is not powdered sugar you see.  Nope, just a lot  a little flour.

They had this down pat.

Pour Isabelle volunteered to cut onions for dinner as we still hadn't eaten dinner at this point.

And the finished product of the first batch.

I must say they do not look pretty but they tasted SO good!  Trust me, we were all stunned at the outcome.

Couple of trays of pretzels.

some of the first taste testers.

And more taste testing going on.

These were most definitely a Pinterest hit and we are making them again for sure this week.  Very nice.  First time took them like four hours.  Next time took them around 30 minutes. they are learning!  LOL.  I am proud though how they are working together and finding recipes they want to try. 

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  1. Can you post the recipe? We took a tour of an old time pretzel factory in Lititz, PA and tried to find a recipe when we got back. We found one that was fairly easy and pretty good, but I'd definitely be up for trying a different one. Also, check out these links to see the significance of the shape of pretzels.