Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Two Houses

Started this a few months ago.  We worked over two months almost every weekend.  So, posted on Facebook but I'm sure you figured out some of it on here by now.  We have two homes.  One is the one we live in.  One is the house we used to live in.  It was under contract for rent to own.  We'll leave it at that and won't elaborate a lot on here.  Long story short, we are having to fix up the home after tenants moved out.  We have gone every weekend for almost a month now.  It is not easy by any stretch as that was our home.  The place we took pride in and took care of.  The place we raised our children in.  The place we loved.  But, we have to move on from that and do the work that has been placed in front of us.

First time we went to see it, we had to leave.  We could not bare the thought of working on it.  Nor could we bare the stench coming from our home.  We decided to leave, left my cousin there to take down the pool that we gave them.  Under insurance, pool had to come down.  Could not have it here due to the way our septic lines run so very thankful we found a great home for it where I know they'll use it for years to come.

None of these pics are from the first time we saw the house.  Just can't see those.  Even now.  This was the second time we went.  Pool had been taken down.  Pavers are being cleared this weekend and brought here to use since there is no pool and it would look stupid leading to nowhere.

Kids looking at where the pool once was.

We had started the work already when the picture was taken.  Yard work.  It was hard to see the blatant lack of care.  When we first arrived, one weed in the front yard was literally over my head.  Weeds as far as the eye can see, no hedges trimmed, yard trimmed, no lawn mowed, no trees pruned, nothing done. And I mean nothing. Trash piled high.  The inside videos and pictures the first day we arrived are something else.  We took well over four trailer loads to the dump!  Probably more than that but those are the ones I remember.  Trailer piled high with trash.  Coming from a place we once loved.  Neighbors told us of bonfires at the house where they thought the trees were going to burn down.  Also told us many other details I will leave out.  Unreal.  Out of a tv show almost.  Trust me, you do not want to see pictures.  The smell was something else. 

I have never been more proud of the kids.  They went every weekend with us and worked their butts off to clean up someone else's mess.  Lots and lots of mess.  Let's see what had to be done and I'm sure I'll miss a lot.  Refit all air conditioners, paint all baseboards, clean floors over and over and over, clean house, deodorize, steam clean carpets, windows, replace all screens, pull up bathroom floor, replace bathroom flooring, fix tons of stuff, all new door locks, rip down blinds, clean all ceiling fans, mow, trim trees, pull piles of weeds, move fridge to our house, clean old fridge out (dead bugs and all), and list could go on forever.  But, we did it.  Things got done.  I was SO, SO proud of my kids.  They gave up being able to play sports this semester, gave up going pretty much anywhere this semester, and learned great life lessons.  This process cost us more than you can imagine.  A lot more.  So much so, we honestly thought we might have to foreclose.  It was beyond difficult and just being honest.  We do have people back in there again thank goodness.  And hopefully, they will take care of it like we did.  time will tell. 

Despite all the bad, we also got to see good in people.  Friends willing to help, bringing us pizzas, fresh lemonade, visiting us to chat, etc.  During this time, our dryer at this home broke.  A friend online bought us a new dryer!  Kids watched it arrive like watching an ice cream truck.  We wer not going to let what happened to our old home or being taken ruin our spirit as people.  Some time bad things just happen.  You don't know the reason.  I think it brought our family closer together and definitely makes the kids want to take care of this house.  Those are both good things.  We learned to look at the silver lining for sure. 

Well, wanted to finish this one up.  Have a lot of half finished posts coming.  Off to the library this morning for story time.  More to come later. 

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  1. I know I am a little behind, just reading this post now. I am so very sorry that your old house was treated so poorly. It did not seem to be a long time that they lived there, how long did the renters live there? Did they pay a fee upfront like you have to when you rent an apartment? I cannot remember what it is called, but basically after they move out and an inspection is done, if they have taken care of the place, they can get a refund of the fee. And then of course, if they have damaged anything, you can keep the fee to help pay for repairs. Did these renters help pay for the damage they caused? I cannot imagine the stress this caused you and the kids. Makes me mad just reading about it! I hope you do not ever have to go through this again!!