Saturday, October 10, 2015

Our Christmas Jammies

The other day on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a fantastic deal on pajamas from Carters.  So, went to check it out as my kids really don't have that many pajamas for whatever reason.  Really, I don't know where they go.  Most end up sleeping in their clothes even despite having pajamas.  Pick your battles.  Pick your battles.  Decided to order some pajamas for the four youngest.  Was going to save them for Christmas but said what the heck.  They need them, they'll enjoy the surprise.  So, here are some out takes of trying to get a picture of the four in their pajamas as this is the last time they'd be clean.  I know my kids.  Nothing stays clean.  Nothing. 

Those were some of the out takes of trying to get one decent picture.  Oh well.  At least we got smile practice in for when we do take a Christmas picture.  

Today is Saturday.  We had Miracle League baseball which we arrived way too late for. Got home and Warren & Max left right away to go pick up 2 twin bed frames and two box springs.  Found them off Craigslist.  We all had lunch and then some folks came over to take a look at stuff I was selling.  We put up the girls 3 new (Craigslist new) beds.  No one sharing in that room any more which will be nice.  After that, we headed to Bojan's Mattress Sale Fundraiser at his school.  Deep discounts and well, needed new mattresses.  I've been price shopping for a long time. This helped a lot and the school handed out $50 off coupons too.  Couldn't afford for all to get new mattresses but the guy agreed to honor these prices exact a few months down the road when we order for the remaining kids and ourselves.  SO excited and so are the kids.  We really, really needed new mattresses.  They also had twelve months same as cash so that was fantastic.  They will be delivered next weekend.  

Came home and made dinner.  Nothing special.  sofie has told me at least fifty times tomorrow is her birthday and what kind of cake she wants.  I finally said there are no birthdays on Sundays.  She's not quite buying that one.  Low key evening for a change.  Lots to do tomorrow.  Trying to write some more posts.  So stay tuned.

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