Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nik's Birthday

The other day, October 3rd, was Nik's birthday.  I can't believe he is a teenager!  A teenager!  I now have 7 teens in the house. Crazy.  Very crazy.  We don't do birthday parties any more.  Was getting too hard, too expensive and too sad for some of the kids that don't really have friends to invite.   So, we do a birthday bash once a year which is usually a trip.  Can't do a trip this year so in November, taking them all to defy gravity and then out to dinner.  They are  excited as are we.  We never get to go out to eat so this will be a real treat for all of us.  Plus, they've been wanting to go to defy gravity for a while.  So, when it is their birthday, we make whatever cake or item they want. 

Even though we technically don't get presents, sometimes if we're out, they end up w/ some anyways.  Nik found this shirt to add to his Minecraft obsession.

Umm, this is called no time to decorate.  He wanted me to write Minecraft so I did.  He picked out  the candles.  Hey, we do what works and what they want here.

 Summer and Sofie waiting for cake.

Impatiently waiting for cake.  My fashionista in her hat and pajamas.  got to love it.

We didn't get to celebrate b/c we were gone all day.  Thsi was at like 11 at night that day.  

Trying to get a picture with everyone but no one knew where Alyona was.

Best we could do even though Max was trying to light Logan's hair on fire.

And let the singing begin.

Nik is always looking at the camera.  Nate wasn't even looking.

But what counted was Nik enjoyed it, we all ate cake and had a pleasant evening.  Now, we all can't wait till the birthday bash in November!  Next birthday is Sofie's tomorrow.

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