Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Subscription Box

I dabble here and there w/ subscription boxes.  Walmart's & Target's are just $5 IF you can catch them.  Only caught each one once.  Well worth the $5 that you'd spend anyhow.  Now, girls and I have tried the Fab, Fit, Fun box.  Yes, it's $50, however, it only comes 4 times a year.  In addition, first box there is always a code for floating around and it's $40.  I think this is our third time.  $357 this time worth of stuff for $50. 

Arrives in a nice box.

Packaged so neatly and the girls and I are always dying to know what's inside.  Like a mini Christmas every time.

This was the load this time.  What you can't really make out is that $75 gift card for canvas which is what i was going to do anyhow at Christmas time for a family portrait.  Was thrilled to see that.  Battery charger will come in handy and boy, the umbrella was of course much needed here recently. So many neat things and we will use them.  Yes, a $15 gift card to Reeds Jewelers.  I looked for super discounted stuff and ended up only paying $3 for a necklace that one of the girls will get for Christmas.  Not bad.  We all love it and for us, has been worth the money.  And, if we stop liking it or stop using the stuff in it, we will cancel which we can do any time.  Currently, it's the only box we get.  We're going to use the gold masks this week.  Kinda of an at home spa day for the girls when we get this stuff.  Boys have asked for a boys' subscription box.  They have them.  Just haven't tried them yet. 

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