Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Nerd, Bojan

Bojan has always been and always will be our nerd, geek, bookworm or whatever else  you want to call him. Just who he is and we're proud of that fact.  He devours books and it shows.  The other day he came home and I called him a nerd b/c he had his pens in his pocket.  He said, I'll show you nerd:

He tucked his shirt in and got the 'look' on his face.  Told me to hang on.

A more relaxed nerd.

Then, he grabbed Nik's glasses.  Yep, he fits the bill perfectly.

But in all seriousness, proud of him.  We received a letter saying since he is one of the top 15 in his class, he was selected to go to the ethics and leadership conference in November.  He's going. He also tries to help out with the younger kids. 

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  1. God has BIG things planned for Bojan! I love him a little more each time I read about him, here or on FB. That sense of humor will help him in so many ways.