Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mattress Madness

Last weekend, Bojan's school held a mattress fundraiser with some killer deals.  Now, majority of us have not had new mattresses.  It was time.  We tired to find deals last year at our old place and called several mattresses.  Told them we need at least ten new twin sets and 1 king.  Can you cut us a deal.  No was the answer I received every single time. Also checked out Sam's and the like.  could never do it.  Well, decided to email the person in charge of the fundraiser and ask him questions.  We talked throughout the week, sent me pictures and prices.  Told him what I wanted to do.  So, this weekend was delivery day.  We were gone at Camp Woodbine (separate post tomorrow) and came back to this:

This was quite the stack to come home to.

What we ended up getting was four new complete twin sets and then 1 twin mattress for Nate.  Nate and Nik will have a new bed.  I have decided against the medical bed though his doc will approve one.  More on all that later too.

This is Sofie's bed.  I'll be painting the bed at some point.

You truly don't realize the shape of your old mattresses till the new ones arrived.  I was ashamed to be honest.  These are pillow top ones too.  Sofie, Summer, Alyona, Nik and Nate got new mattresses this go around.  We are hoping in a few months we can get the rest of the kids new ones as well as us.  The mattress place will honor the fundraiser prices for us too!  

The only draw back to the new mattresses is they are thick.  Why is that a drawback?  Because we now have literally no sheets that fit them.  Not a one.  Eventually, we'll work on that.  Nik was sleeping on a bunkie board and thin mattress I discovered.  I was truly angry about that.  See, I never checked over the boys when we moved in here.  I let them set up the beds.  Apparently, they thought it was okay to screw over their little brother and what bed he got.  We had extra box springs too!  Not like they couldn't have given him one.  The mattress set was originally going to a different son but when I discovered Nik's bed, I nixed that idea and said they can wait till next time.  Just was not right doing that to their brother.  Now Nik never complained but still wasn't nice.  Nik complains now his mattress is too high.  LOL.  He'll get used to it though.  Now, we have 4 more complete new sets to get after these.  Phew.  We'll get there. 

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