Thursday, October 15, 2015

Master of Disaster

That is Nate...the Master of Disaster.  Doesn't matter the day, somehow, some way, he will find trouble.  And the things you don't think can make a mess, end up making one. 

In typical toddler fashion, Nate can find trouble.  The other day, he found a Yoplait yogurt container left on the counter.  You'd think he'd discovered gold.  Came around the corner to this.  He is literally covered in it.  Head to toe!

Down the cabinets.

With blueberries on teh floor all smushed up.  It took Reni and I forever to clean up this mess.  Worse than the flour he gets into.  He had an impromptu bath that night too.  Hey, at least he's exploring.

I know this doesn't look like much.  Max vacuuming with little brother watching.

When he was first home, we had to take him out of the house in order for us to vacuum.  Now, he holds the cord for Max.

Nate gets upset now when he shuts the vacuum off!  Progress.  Lots and lots of progress. 

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  1. Nate, you're a super star! Great progress! NOT endorsing the messes though ;-)