Monday, October 26, 2015

Manic Monday

End of October is turning out to be super busy.  So, let's get started with happenings around here.

  • we had an awesome weekend
  • therapies are this week
  • go on our annual Halloween camping trip this week
  • need RV inspected before we go
  • kids vacuumed out the RV
  • we were blessed this past weekend
  • part of the same blessing...all the kids got a new pair of shoes!
  • kids are still loving those plasma cars
  • have a trunk or treat at church
  • have a Halloween party at 4-H
  • have a Halloween party at the library
  • we're already candied out
  • have story time this week
  • have AWANAS this week
  • sorting everyone's closets
  • Bojan is still in driver's ed
  • Irina still working at Revlon
  • looking into homeschool volleyball for the girls
  • Irina has ENT appointment tomorrow
  • still working on the girls' room-- pictures when I'm done
  • have to get started thinking of Christmas pictures
  • realized today that Nate's Halloween costume is way too small
  • need to make menu for the trip
  • 2 of the cars need washing
  • dogs of course need bathing
more happening around here and I do promise to get to it all one of these days.  

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