Monday, October 12, 2015

Manic Monday

Another week has passed.  Truly, it seems to be flying by lately.  So much to catch up on in the blog world.  Since MOnday though, we'll start off w/ happenings this week.

  • Irina has surgery tomorrow on her ear
  • Irina's been working at Revlon for a few weeks now
  • Max is still looking for work
  • Boys have been doing odd jobs for neighbors
  • A neighbor is going to come teach us some cooking skills this week (an awesome cook she is!)
  • A neighbor is going to take the boys fishing two at a time
  • Camp Woodbine (deaf/HOH) is this weekend
  • Bojan is getting in volunteer hours lately for school
  • My kids helped out at school's mattress fundraiser this past weekend
  • We bought some mattresses to replace the VERY outdated ones (need more sets but just can't do it at the moment.  They agreed to honor these prices for next time!)
  • Kids have been working on the yard lately and looks great
  • Going to lyme and seed the yard this week
  • Halloween decorations are up
  • Therapies this week
  • Need to do surveys
  • Need to give dogs a bath
  • Need to organize Nate's closet
  • Nate needs a winter coat
  • We cleaned the house big time this past weekend
  • Kids have youth group this week
  • Kids have AWANAS
  • Nate is still having sleeping issues
  • Nate needs a bed solution
  • We got 3 girls new (Craigslist) beds so they don't have to share (they are thrilled)
  • New mattresses arrive Saturday
  • Picking up a friend from the airport Saturday 
  • RV needs inspecting
  • RV needs new windshield wiper blade due to stray basketball (URGHH)
  • Not sure if RV will make it after this next trip
  • Sofie is now 6yo
  • 4-H club this week
  • I have a mammogram this week
  • Still haven't heard from kids' new dentist
  • Nate went to doc today.  Ear infection and possible UTI.  Antibiotics started
Much more happening but with surgery tomorrow and 4-H club, need to get things done.  

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