Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Manic Monday

Wow, have I been slack!  Or just busy. We're going to say busy just so I don't seem lazy.  Today is Monday so it's that time again.

  • Here in NC, there will be sun on Tuesday!  We missed it so much
  • We faired well with all the flooding and nothing happened here
  • Roof leaks here
  • Called roofers, no return calls
  • Under the house is leaking
  • Boys painted their room
  • Need to order curtains (they're tired of girl stuff)
  • Changing up bedroom stuff for Alyona, Summer and Sofie
  • We're blessed w/ a beautiful rug for their room
  • Warren still likes his car
  • My car looks like it was in a derby
  • Kids are safe from hit the other night on way home from church
  • Therapist out of town this week
  • Limited therapies this week
  • 6 of mine volunteering at a retirement home
  • 4-H this week
  • Youth group & AWANAS this week
  • Cancelling an ortho appointment for Nate.  Just no need to go
  • I have a check up
  • Irina's ear surgery rescheduled for next week as doc wouldn't be there
  • We organized today
  • Going through kids clothes seeing where the gaps are
  • Need to sell some items this week
  • Dogs are okay
  • Think Digby is going deaf and possibly blind
  • Doing yard work this week
  • Making dinner for another family this week
  • Doing some Pinterest crafts this week
  • Miracle League
  • Mattress Fundraiser for Bojan's school
  • Need mattresses desperately ironically
  • Ready to make it to church this weekend
  • Think we may have found a little way to help Nate sleep
More going on but I need to get to bed as Nate just fell asleep.  Technically,it's Tuesday now.  

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