Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Irina's Surgery/ Nate's Sick

As you can tell by the title, busy day.  So, let's start with Irina.  No sleep last night for me b/c Nate was sick.  Irina had to be at the hospital at 6:30.  Luckily, we live 5 miles from it.  Supposed to be a twenty minute or so surgery.  Knew when they hadn't called me back that something was up.  Sure enough, doc came out to talk to me.  Surgery ended up being about an hour.  He said there was a lot of glue in her ear.  As much as he tried, he could not get it all and it was just tight.  See, she accidentally poured super glue in her ear.  Grabbed the wrong bottle in the dark.  ER, doc, specialist and now surgery.  Her hearing is effected as well.  So, we go back in about a week or so to see how it is.  If not gone by then, he will consult his colleagues and Duke and we take it from there.  Meaning, more surgery, I'm sure.  She has been sleeping all day and very nauseous and dizzy. 

Next, we have Nate.  And a new doc here that really doesn't think I know what I'm talking about.  Her and I have gone a few rounds already.  She's a nurse practitioner.  Normally, I have great experience with them.  But this one and I clash it seems.  On many areas.  Why do you think he has a UTI?  Hmm, let me think.  I'll spare you the details of what I told her.  I also told her to check his ears.  We have to pin him down for this.  I said you have to be quick.  She said why?  Now, she knows him.  The whole office knows him and the why of it all.  Really, they do.  Yep, left ear red and infected.  She said well, since we can't collect a urine sample from him, we can't really say if he has a UTI.  fine.  I will give you antibiotics for the ear infection though.  Will it cover the UTI in case he has one?  I'm not sure but it may cover both.  Not the answer I wanted.  It's been three days, he's had a low grade fever, etc.  I KNOW when he's sick.  That, and he doesn't really move and is SO clingy.  I think some of the issue is they don't think I know anything b/c Nate can't speak.  Ahh, but it's b/c of that reason that I'm all that more in tune with him and how he feels. 

BTW, this is the same NP that when I told her my former breast doctor require I have a digital mammogram every time, asked what that was.  Thinking this lady and I may not be a match.  I'll give it a few more times.  But, if I tell you I don't want the flu vaccine one more time, I'm out.  I'm allergic to eggs.  Found that out by having the flu vaccine one year.  Never again.  And that year, was the one year I got sick.  A lot.  May be a coincidence but not taking chances. 

Anyhow, Nate has been miserable the last few days.  Hoping tomorrow he is on the upswing.  So, my time today has been very preoccupied to say the least.  Tomorrow, mammogram for me, library and AWANAS.  Today they went to 4-H club with Max.  Did some art.  Came home, gave them a science quiz they all did horrible on.  Stayed in to study same material.  At least they know when I say study, I mean it. 

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  1. I happened to see an ad just today on my phone for a super glue dissolver. They say it works on skin. I cannot find the ad again, but I looked and found a similar one called UN Stick. Maybe you can order some, and bring it to the attention of Irina's doc. I feel so bad for her. That has to be extremely uncomfortable. Please let her know that she is in my prayers. I hope little Nate feels better soon too.