Friday, October 16, 2015

Homeschool Science Interrupted

Though we're studying volcanoes and such, we gladly welcomed a change the other day.  See, Bojan's teacher had given him extra owl pellets to dissect.  You know, owl vomit.  LOL.  So yesterday we interrupted our normal routine to dissect something.  Bojan has fall break now so he was able to do this with the kids.  Explain it and all. 

The look on Isabelle's face is priceless as Bojan is telling what this is exactly.


And this is what owl vomit looks like.  thrilled, I'm sure.

Again with their faces.  Logan is none to thrilled at the thought of cutting this open.

They are so happy his teacher gave him extras for our family at home.

Ahh, interest is peaked a bit more as it is opened.

What?  The girls seem a bit more interested than the boys.

Bojan was very patient in explaining things to them.

Just look at some of the bones that were being uncovered in that.  Skulls too!

Well, Isabelle was a bit more interested than she thought she'd be.

Even the younger ones wanted in on the action of finding bones and skulls that the owl had swallowed at one point.  

Nice impromptu science lesson about owls and dissecting owl pellets.  Notice Alex and Logan did not stay long.  LOL.  They definitely all enjoyed this science lesson for sure. 

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