Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Night

Well, it's Friday and rather quiet around here so a little time to write.  Irina is at work.  All the teens are at a church event for a few hours.  Just Max, myself and the littles.  Quiet.  Well, compared to when they're all here.  Today speech therapist came by.  I had to go to ortho.  Wearing a splint for a month and then an MRI.  Doc is guessing a ligament tear most likely but I'm hoping the splint works.  Time will tell.  Sofie is croupy sounding but more asthmatic than anything.  Irina used to get the same way.  Not worried.  Nik was the same as well.  Just kicking myself that I thought we were done w/ all that so I gave away our nebulizer.  My mammogram came back normal so that was nice news.  Nothing much else going on really.  We seriously purged ALL the girls' clothing.  All of it.  Feels great and they can get to things better and nothing is in the closets that doesn't fit.  Put too big clothes in the attic for when they grow into it.  A friend is coming to pick up some toys that the girls decided they don't want any more.  Letting them do the purging helps as well.  They kept all Barbies and almost all baby dolls so that shows you where their interests are.  Tomorrow is a very, very busy day.  Miracle League baseball, church fall festival, and Miracle League party.  Gone all day.  Oh, and tree being cut down at old house.  Sunday is just as busy with two different guests coming over.  And church Christmas program practice starts as well.  Youth group for the teens/ young adults. 

Last weekend, we got home and the girls had two velvet dresses waiting for them.  And hats.

I think they were happy about it.  A sneak peak b/c this is what I decided our Christmas picture colors should blue and gold.  We'll see how it goes b/c I still don't have something for everyone.

There is no rhyme or reason for this picture.  Just Nate being goofy with Reni.

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