Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alyona's Runner

Alyona has a runner as well.  The other day, her runner sent her a sweet card and some medals from her races.  Alyona writes to her as well on Facebook which is nice. 

Alyona really having a tough time opening that package.  We're working on hand strength in OT.

Summer curious as what is in that package as well.

Look what was inside!  Ignore the background where it looks like Bojan is going to drop his brother.

Summer showed Alyona a card in the envelope. Genuinely happy.

Sweet of Jen to write Alyona.

Not small medals either!

Alyona trying on her medals.

And that smile says it all.  Thank you Jen for running for Alyona.  She truly enjoys it!

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