Friday, September 11, 2015

Therapies are Back!

Boy oh boy have we missed therapy.  Long story of why it was absent but it is back and kids are back to learning to be more independent for sure.  Lots of life skills too.

So, my driveway is now colorful thanks to therapy today.  

Sofie was showing me what she made.  A self- portrait.  And she made her bed and a lamp in another part of the sidewalk.

Sofie I do believe enjoyed herself today.

 Summer worked on some skills inside today such as buttons, zippers and tying.  Just perfecting a little of what she knows already.  Logan is doing some school work.  This is technically our school room hence the constant paper mess. 

Alyona made us all homemade pizzas for lunch.  I think I can get used to this.  

We are very, very relieved the therapies are back and the kids are loving it.  They dearly miss their old speech therapist b/c they had her for years.  However, they are liking Ms. Kelly now too so I think they will survive.  And love how she is working with Summer on reading comprehension as well.  Shoot, she did 60 words with Nik today!  Off to the right start for sure. 

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