Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sneak Peak & Question

So, Halloween is sneaking up on us next month!  We have decided to go forth with our annual family camping trip despite many setbacks with the old house.  First, the trip was prepaid last year when I reserved the spot and second, RV has a full tank of gas from summer trip.  Lastly, we all deserve a break after working so very hard on the old house cleaning up other people's messes.  I'm proud of the kids and though this isn't one of our big trips, they love it, we love it and we all need a getaway from it all.  Remember, last year I scrambled at the campgrounds to find a costume for Sofie and she ended up winning the contest in her age group.  Want to be more prepared this year.  So, trying to think of some things/ ideas now for costumes.

A friend of the girls helped Sofie put on her costume.

They came outside to show their brothers her costume.

Sofie looking at her feet.

I just think she's adorable!  That being said, we have many, many more costumes to go.  OY!  Nik wants to be a bee.  Ironic as he got stung today.  Need some great bee idea costumes if you have them.  And of course, other ideas.  Reni wants to be Catniss from the Hunger Games movie.  Rest of them, no idea.  I'm going to make Summer into a campfire I think.  Nate has a lion costume and we may just use that b/c let's face it, I won't really be able to make him much of anything.  He won't put it on.  Need to get creative.  Have ideas, please shoot them my way.  Would love to hear them. 


  1. I found this. It looks pretty simple. Another site said to use duct tape instead of painting. http://www.creativegreenliving.com/2013/10/bumble-bee-costume-tutorial-inexpensive.html

  2. a campfire!? Now you need a graham cracker, a marshmallow and a chocolate bar! Call them the S'mores!

  3. Rex does not like costumes either. He's been a pumpkin every year, just a bright orange, comfy, cotton jogging suit with a jack-o-lantern face on the sweatshirt.