Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Most Tolerant Dogs Ever

Digby and Alaska were made for kids.  Truly, they were.  We were never sure how Digby would be with kids being that he was a rescue from a horrible situation where they treated him terribly.  But, he is without a doubt, our mellow fellow.  Nate was standing on him the other day to get around the coffee table.  Standing on him!  Both dogs are gentle with the kids and that includes when they feed them. 

Nate is able to get right up to Alaska.  He just took her chewy away.

Another one of the kids trying to give it back to her but Nate kept taking it out of her mouth.

She gets it again.  Notice Digby is quietly hidden in the back.  Usually, he'll go outside to chew his and bury it.  

And she doesn't even snap at him.  No snapping, no growling, no nothing.  She goes with the flow.  Like I said, we have some very tolerant dogs to put up with all our kids. 

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