Monday, September 21, 2015

Miracle League-- game 1

Our four youngest have joined Miracle League.  So Nate, Sofie, Summer and Nik play baseball every Saturday morning.  It is for special needs. They each have a buddy who also help to cheer them on.

This was Sofie's first time to bat. Learning what to do.

And no, she has no trouble swinging the bat.  They get uniforms next week which will be cool.

Summer, doing her thing.  She was all smiles playing ball.

Alex is Nik's buddy.  Most the time in the outfield, those two throw the ball to each other.  This pic finally caught them standing still.

And Nate is up to bat.  With a lot of help from big brother Bojan.

The braid brigade watching their siblings.

At the end, they get to do the cha-cha slide.

Me trying to help Nate dance.  Umm, this was one of his sleepless nights and therefore, one of mine.  I was dead on my feet.

Close up of some smiles from Isabelle.

More dancing action from teh bunch.

The older kids actually like helping out which I thought was great.  I thought they'd find it boring but nope.  All have asked to go.  We go every Saturday morning.  In Youngsville if anyone wants to come see.  Just ask.  GReat time to be sure!  Gives the kids a lot of self-confidence to boot.

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  1. I hope this is not too personal a question, but Ive noticed the absence of Yana, and have been wondering if she is doing alright?