Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Manic Monday

Way too much going on around here.  Guess I'm more sporadic than I thought I'd be catching up.

  • Speech, OT, PT this week
  • Irina has an audiogram on Wednesday
  • Irina started working full time
  • Van needs fixing
  • Discovered roof leak at new house
  • Discovered wall leak at new house
  • Discovered leak under house at new house (see a pattern here???)
  • Calling roofers to get estimate on repair of said leak
  • Nate still not sleeping right
  • Kids like their church
  • New tenants at old house moving in
  • One last thing to fix at old house and then done
  • Spent small fortune fixing it up but glad it's done
  • Been raining all this past weekend
  • Kids have Miracle League this weekend
  • Story time still happening
  • AWANAS this week
  • Girls struggling with learning verses but trying
  • Need to go to DMV
  • Need to find a groomer (we just can't do it ourselves)
  • Kids are working on volcanoes in school now
  • Bojan's school has the idea that we're going to pay for overnight trips to colleges (more on this topic!)  We'll be taking him ourselves.
  • Waiting to hear back from school on hand controls for driver's ed class
  • Warren has classes at work this week

Lots and lots going on and I haven't even touched the surface really.  More all to come soon, soon , soon.  I do better at FB nowadays.  Short bits everyday.  Stephanie Spencer Boyd.  Someone was asking and figured I'd put it out there.  Nate is still up.  It's 11:20 now.   Nights are just so long with the sleepless wonder.

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