Monday, September 21, 2015

Manic Monday

This has been such a sleepless weekend.  Phew.  Glad it's over.  Time to start fresh w/ a great big busy week ahead of us. So here are a few happenings around here. 

  • lots and lots of therapies for hte kids this week
  • 4-H club
  • Youth group
  • Miracle League game for four of them
  • Older teens are buddies for Miracle League
  • Bojan has prosthetic appointment
  • Irina gets her ear looked at by a specialist (super glue fiasco)
  • Story time at the library
  • Friends coming over for grilling on the weekend
  • Warren on call
  • We think Digby is going deaf and blind
  • Alaska is still crazy
  • Boys broke the trailer for hte mower today
  • Did yard work today
  • Have tons of paper work I haven't done
  • Doing earth science stuff for school
  • Bojan looking into driver's ed and what it will take for him to have hand controls
  • Want to switch girls to twin beds
  • Sofie learned to ride a bike
  • Going through Halloween costumes
  • Almost done fixing up the old house
  • Had to have dead tree cut down at old house
  • Have overdue library books kids can't find (lovely)
  • Cars need fixing
  • Kids were given a surprise plasma car this week
  • Still working on adoption databases
much, much more happening and tons of pictures to follow this week to catch you all up.

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