Monday, September 14, 2015

Manic Monday

11:11 at night and just now writing this.  Oh well.  Trying to keep up.  Here goes this week:

  • Had a great weekend
  • Girls had a friend over the entire weekend
  • Went to the hot sauce contest festival
  • Kids tried the hottest candy in the world
  • Summer and Nik tried hot sauces
  • Nik is reading a lot more words
  • School is progressing
  • Bojan found a community service project to do
  • Nate  is trying a new med tonight.  Backfiring badly and keeping him up worse
  • Busy week this week
  • Kids worked on the yard today
  • Made mammogram appointment for me
  • Kids have all sorts of therapy this week
  • Early release for Bojan tomorrow
  • AWANAS this week
  • Older kids volunteering to help w/ church supper Wednesday
  • Story time this week
  • Nate's swallow study
  • Irina has a job interview at a retirement home
  • Been doing pinterest projects here and there
  • Working on the house this weekend
  • Caught our first mouse here last night
  • Old fridge hooked back up
  • Still loving our new dryer
  • Looking for winter coats for some of the kids
  • Tons of paper work to do
  • Setting up a PPR for Nate
  • So many projects not done but getting there
  • Starting a huge database for adoption resources
Much, much more going on but focusing on getting our old house up to par this week as it is the last weekend we can work on it.  So even more busier this weekend.  Can't believe we are mid-way through September.  Time is flying and I"m getting further behind but determined to catch up. 

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