Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, a bunch of us are sick so this may be quick.  Here goes.

  • Six of us and the dog are sick
  • Had a great weekend w/ friends
  • PT came today for Nate
  • OT, speech for multiple kids this week
  • therapy for one child (behavioral therapy)
  • Getting organized for fall by sorting all their clothes this week
  • Need to register Warren's car
  • RV still needs inspecting
  • Need to pay bills
  • Still working on old house
  • New tenants moving in soon
  • Still in love with our new dryer (what a gracious gift!)
  • Making multiple appointments for kids
  • Missed 4-H club today as all of us sick
  • Filling out more paper work
  • AWANAS start this week for 5 of the kids
  • Warren goes to dentist
  • All Warren's bloodwork, tests indicate he is completely healthy except for needing to lose weight.  So working on that next
  • Library is this week as is story time
  • Had some pinterest fails and successes this past week
  • Deciding on whether to get Nate a medical bed or not.  Torn.
  • Miracle League starts this weekend
  • Friend is spending the weekend here
  • Hot Sauce festival is here this weekend
And more I could yap about, I'm sure of it.  But for now, not feeling well so signing of till later tonight.  

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