Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hot Sauce Festival

We live in a town that holds an annual hot sauce festival in NC every year.  It is the 9th year here.  Decided it would be fun to attend.  I suppose we all had some preconceived notions however of what we thought it would be like. 

First stop was a small car show.  Very cool all the old cars they had.  

All sorts of cars and even our neighbor's had a car in the show.  Some people don't even want their cars wet.  Hence, the plastic on the one next to it.

Some of us beside the truck.  Nik's in it!  Summer even got in the big truck.  Oh, Sofie was home sick for this and stayed behind with Max and Logan that day.

Irina and Isabelle and Reni getting ready to go in the teepee.

sisters goofing around.  After this, the teens and us split up.  We took Nate, Nik and Summer w/ us.  We tried hot sauce samples.  Nik and Summer liked those.  One incident where I wasn't paying close attention and Nate grabbed a bottle.  Had ghost peppers in the sauce so as a precaution, wiped him and myself down as per recommended by the people selling the stuff.  Didn't want to land in the hospital.

We met up with them seeing them standing in front of the ice cream stand.  Our guest had bought them all ice cream.  Why?  Well, some of them tried the hottest candy in the world and ended up crying.  Badly.  Till they reached ice cream line.  Got to love that.

Summer enjoying her ice cream of course.

Nik didn't want to share his.  some sibs shared though.

The only bottle we purchased.  Umm, not the cheapest festival to be sure.  Everything was pretty much food for sale.  Some craft stuff but mostly food we saw.  You could surely eat your way through it if you wanted.  Was hard b/c it smelled SO good.  But, we just couldn't eat out at the time and that's alright.  We thought they would have had more activities versus mainly food.  Still, was nice to get out and walk around and the food did smell delicious.

On the way out, we ran into a lady selling cupcakes.  Oh my oh my.  BEST cupcakes ever!  

Was a sweet lady and we talked for quite awhile.  She is opening her own shop in Henderson and the kids and I will most definitely have to go check it out one day.  If ever this way, you must get some.  You wil lnto be disappointed.  And the push up ones are perfect for kids.  She gave this one to Nate as a treat.  

So not what we expected but all of us did enjoy ourselves so that was nice.  Boys still want to enter the pepper eating contest for next year though.  Need to.  They'd win, no doubt.  My boys can eat fire and not flinch.  Crazy.

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