Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fun Fridays (Pinterest Success/ Fail)

Today is Saturday.  Been a busy day or two here.  We have a guest stayign with us for the weekend.  We went to Miracle League baseball for the first time today.  So much fun.  Nik, Summer, Sofie and Nate are playing.  Some of my older kids are buddies.  Just was a nice time.  Despite me leaving the diaper bag there.  Then, went to a local Hot Sauce Festival.  Teens went off their way and tried the hottest candy in the world.  They regretted that decision.  Summer and Nik tried hot sauce like daddy.  We didn't stay long.  Nice little festival but really was a lot of food booths/ vendors set up.  Still, nice to walk around a bit more.  Pictures in a few days once I load them. 

On Fridays here, we have fun Fridays for school.  Craft activities, experiments.  This week, we made flubber, dandelion artwork, and going to make play dough tomorrow.  We also get ideas off Pinterest for some of these. 

Trying to get every last bit of glue out of the bottles.

Sofie enjoying a blow pop before starting art.

Reni and a friend making flubber.

This was so simple and definitely a Pinterest win by all!

Nik and Summer playing with it.  We made two batches of it.

Some of the kids getting started on their dandelion artwork.

Summer said hers look like coconut trees.

Nik is working hard.  He is my meticulous child.

Reni and Alyona working on their projects.

Logan made a whole field of dandelions which was cool.  It truly was neat seeing how all of them had such a different take on the same project.  NIcely done.  Tomorrow, we're doing the play dought we didn't finish.  Keep you posted on all the success/ fails of Pinterest.  So far though, not too bad. 

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