Friday, September 18, 2015


Today is Friday.  What is left of it.  Busier than I thought it would be.  IRina had a doc appointment this morning.  Follow up.  She lost two pounds so far so that is a good start.  Referral for an ENT b/c she has superglue still stuck to her ear drum.  They'll call me I was told.  Okay then.  Came home and we had 2 therapists here.  Lunch and then I sent Max to Walmart with Reni to do some minor errands including getting training wheels for Sofie's bike.  She is SO happy to try to ride her bike.  But since her legs and arms don't quite work right, it's hard.  Asking her PT next week to help with bike riding I do believe.  I picked Bojan up from school.  He's still loving it at Oxford Prep.  Logan had been working in the yard pretty much all day except when he had his spelling test, reading, journal, etc. to do.  He loves yard work and hey, makes our yard look awesome too.  Reni, Isabelle and Irina made stroganoff for dinner.  Friends stopped by b/c they were house hunting in the area.  They dropped off a box of Halloween costumes and kids got straight to trying them on.  Thanks to them, we have even less costumes to make now!  Watched a movie and just chilled out this evening.  We know tomorrow is busy.  Miracle League baseball and then going to work on our old house again.  More to update tomorrow. 

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  1. Well done to Irina on her weight loss. Hope she can continue till she reaches the goal you'd both like her to reach.