Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Friday Fun Day

Every Friday, the kids and I have decided to do art via Pinterest.  Some are more school related than others.  Usually pick three things to do.  This coming Friday we are doing Sea Art and making salt dough fall decor.  Want to make a volcano as we're studying those but we'll see if time allows.  But, this past week, I did a Pinterest project while they did art.  Making Vick's shower vapor disks. 

Got ingredients together which was so simple.  When I do 'crafty' things, I never use my more 'pure' (aka expensive) oils.  Just b/c usually the quantity is quite a bit and hate to waste it if it doesn't work out.

Started out really clumpy.

They said keep adding water until it is more a putty consistency.  At first mine was like cottage cheese. LOL.  Eventually, it got there.

You let them dry overnight.  Mine never really dried that well until after I put them on top of the fridge.  Dried right away.  

So, they smell great.  But, put them in the shower and it's not that powerful a scent at all.  Plus, leaves a white mess in the shower till completely dissolved.  Also, makes the shower floor uber slippery so beware if you try it.  This is on our list of not trying again.  Just wasn't worth it.  Easy to do but really did nothing for us.  More Pinterest crafts coming this weekend.

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