Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Flour Power Time....again

Nate has gotten to the extreme toddler stage.  All eyes must be on him 24/7.  Or, there is trouble.  The other night was no exception.  Mind you, there were like ten people in the same room until someone thought to say "where's Nate.  He's quiet."  The dreaded words of "he's quiet."  Everyone knows that is NOT a good thing.  Ever!

Just as I discovered the crime.  Notice the size of the bucket we keep our flour in.  This was not a little flour.

He decided an accomplist was in order.

She wasted no time helping him get to work.

The digging method is faster.

What's this?!  A third one to join in.  Yep.

The warden, ahem, Reni, does not seem pleased about the disorder.  I told her not to worry, we have to sweep it all up anyhow, why not have some fun.

How he made a ball out of flour, I'm not quite sure.

Back to work.  

Poor kid was covered but had so much fun.  Sensory play is what we called this mess.

Not sure which kid had the most fun really.  And, flour cleans up way easier than a lot of other spills we've had.  And this is why you don't leave a toddler unattended.  Even if in the same room. 

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