Friday, September 11, 2015

Catching up

I know I have been MIA this week but it has been chaotic for a better lack of words.  Nate hasn't slept much this week.  Irina accidentally poured super glue in her ear and went to the ER.  6 of us were sick w/ some stomach bug but luckily for a day.  Doc appointments, therapies started back up, etc. it has just been hectic.  But, we have been keeping busy here as well so plan on posting some pictures the next few posts.  Tomorrow is the kids' first day of Miracle League baseball and we can't wait.  There is also a local Hot Sauce Festival that we plan on going to as well.  I will try to do better at posting but do more FB posting now.  In addition, trying to create a database within the adoption community.  That will be even more time consuming.  Anyhow, just wanted to touch base since I hadn't written since Tuesday and say we're still here.  Just living life.

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