Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blessings, bumps and braids

Trying to play a bit more catch up today.  We had a light school day but still found time to make play dough and papyrus as we're studying Egypt.  Tomorrow, we go to story time at the local library and older kids do research if need be.  Mostly though, they check out books to read and have actually been reading them.  Bonus.  We also get DVD's to check out.  Tomorrow night, Max & Irina will be helping with church supper.  Rest of us will go later to AWANAS.  Older kids help out with that while younger ones attend.  So, busy tomorrow but it will all get done.  School, that is.  Well, more going on but that's a little bit for now. 

We are blessed by such great neighbors.  They are nice, don't complain about the kids (hey, that's a biggie you know), say hello, and sometimes, bring us yummy goodies. This neighbor brought us by far the BEST grape jelly we have ever tasted.  EVER!  This lady needs to sell this stuff.  Don't know how she does it but I need a recipe for sure.

Big bird has a big bump.  Hard to see in the picture.  I have a 20 year old son who drives my van.  Sad part is, this one didn't even leave the drive way when he did this!  He moved my van and hit my friend's car.  Normally, I would not call him out but this one made me mad.  Why?  Because he didn't need to move the van at all!!!

So, if I sit in the chair and type here, Reni does my hair in different styles.

Notice the green?  Yes, that's from our water.  Working on the problem.

And another one courtesy of Reni.  Is nice though having my own personal stylists here.  Got to love the messy desk as I work.  Speaking of which, I need to get back to.  Going to try to do a few posts a night. 

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