Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What are We Studying??

Homeschoolers started school August 3rd here.  One reason was to make up for so much lost time last semester during our move.  Another reason was boredom.  And yet another reason was to slowly get them back into the school groove.  We have been doing spelling, reading, English, journaling, history and science.  We are adding in math, art, and a few other things. 

We got a kit to learn how to discover rocks.  How the geologists do it.

The other kids were working on other school work so they weren't as happy they didn't get the 'easy' project like the younger kids.  Hey, they're in 6th and 7th grade.  No easy way out.

Summer, Sofie and Nik took turns pounding away at the rock. Even gentle with the paintbrush.

Rocks that were excavated from the block.

Decided to leave the indoor lesson for some time outside.

I remembered we had a giant piece of quartz in the yard.  So, time to go have a look.

All were taking a really good look at it and saying things about it.  For the younger kids, a chance to show them rocks are not always those tiny little things in the road.

We are currently learning how to classify some rocks and minerals.

After we were done, we placed the quartz back under the plants by the playground.  

We're studying geology currently in science.  We'll most likely move onto electricity and magnets next.  I know in the spring what we're studying but still wavering on this semester with science after geology.  We've done the planets, we've touched on the human body, we've done dinosaurs, etc.  For history, we did all American History last year, the entire year.  This year, we are studying  Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  I think it will be an exciting year and they'll learn a lot.  Trying some new approaches as well. 

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