Thursday, August 27, 2015


I really don't have time to blog today so this is a quickie.  LOL.  It was busy.  Bojan's schedule was finally straightened out.  He is in 10th grade, 8 classes. Not an easy load by any stretch but confident he'll do fine.  Other kids are working on school work though today was really a review day and an easy day compared to lately.  Kids went to the library and checked out some more books.  They are actually reading the books they check out and love to read now.  Awesome we are in this habit.  Story time starts back up in September.  4-H forms were dropped off and that starts in September as well.  Little by little, getting things done.  One of the kids had therapy.  Rest of the day we just got things done.  Tomorrow will be hopefully quiet.  Got a speech therapist coming for Nik but other than that, think it will be quiet.  I hope.  Just wanted to touch base here as we are swamped with trying to get neuro paperwork done and stacks of others to.  Checking the list one by one.  Oh, and Max may have found a job.  Super excited.  Interview went well today and they called back!  Know more tomorrow.  Not sure who is more excited.  Me, or him.  More updates this weekend.  For now, need to go back to paperwork b/c I promised myself we'd get it done.

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