Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sofie & Nate's Eye Appointments

Well, both did better than I thought they would.  Sofie is a little farsighted so no biggie.  no corrections needed.  She can't yet read the letters but could say her ABC's.  Nate let him really get a good look into his eyes.  Nate has a lot of trouble outside in the sun.  Notice this when we go to the pool or transfer to a different room.  Doc said he most definitely has a sensitivity to light.  Sunglasses or a hat for him when outside or in a bright room.  Thankfully, he seems to like a new hat he got.  Otherwise, just a little farsighted.  So all in all, a very good optometry visit for Sofie and Nate.  No one else has to go for quite some time so we are good on the eyes for another year for most all of us.  Everyone who needed new glasses got them.  And, we found a place we like.  Doctor is our neighbor just like in our old neighborhood.  What are the odds?  LOL.  Some kids have even chosen a new look this year like Nik. 

This is Nik with his new glasses look he got last month.  And of course, with his favorite toy.  This is the second one he's had since we moved here.  He loves this toy and plays it all day everyday.  Hence, why we are on toy #2.  More posts to come.  Tomorrow, we have Bojan's orientation.  More on all that tomorrow evening.

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