Monday, August 24, 2015

Plants and Plate

We have quite a few plants at our new house.  It was landscaped very well when we moved in.  Just tweeking things here and there but nothing too major.

Ignore the mess to the left.  We were cleaning out the garage/ garbage at the time.

So, when we first moved in, I bought a Lowes clearance tree for $5.  It was a small pomegrante tree.  Figured what the heck, maybe it will grow. If not, just out a few bucks.  It is the tree in the foreground above and my how it's grown and spread out since I first got it.  A lot.  This will be beautiful when it gets some size to it.  And i know nothing about pomegrante trees. So enlighten me if you can so I can learn.  Looked stuff up but better to hear it from folks who've actually grown these.

My roses are still blooming!  It's beautiful and all over the place. Smells wonderful too.

Bojan made this back at Camp Cheerio.  Got a plate stand awhile back & now it is displayed in the kitchen.  Wrote everyone's name on it minus mom and dad, and put some personality traits in the petals.  Special Family and love in the middle.  Thought it was very, very sweet of him to do and looks great in the kitchen.

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