Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Old to New

We were blessed with a wonderful gift from a friend.  Their swingset their kids outgrew.  Combined w/ ours, we figured we can make one nice big one.  So, we got busy. 

Bojan, trying to figure out where to start.

Logan getting started on his side.  BTW, the slide did not stay here. You can really see the difference in the old wood and this new resealer/ stain. 

Isabelle got in on the action but not for too long.  Mostly Logan and Bojan.  The stain came w/ the playset too!  

Backed off to take a picture.

The thing looks massive!  LOL.  We had trapeze bars and teeter toter.  However, our kids get more use out of swings.  So, we decided on all swings.  7 swings, 2 big slides (notice we repositioned it), 2 sandboxes,  rock climbing wall,  and pole to slide down.  Enough to keep them busy.

Closer view.  This was taken before we cleaned up the stain on the green beams.  We just need a canvas for the top and sand to refill sandboxes.  Not bad!  Kids will use this for years to come. 

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