Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nate's Progress

I will get back to a post regarding our whole housing situation fiasco.  Or should we name it saga?  Either way, I name it a mess both figuratively and literally.  But first, I'd rather do pictures and some updates.  This is post number 3 for this evening so not doing so bad.  Will hopefully keep up the pace. Wanted to share some of Nate's progress.  Some of it may be repetitive as I forgot what I posted last time.  But, it's all progress and it's all great! 

  • Nate is walking still
  • Nate is starting to walk fast as in trying to run
  • He can guess which hand you have the coin in even when trying to trick him.  100% right.
  • Plays with toys
  • Manipulates stairs just fine
  • Plays in the water whenever he can...dogs bowl, toilet to name two favorites
  • He makes a mess, he tries to clean it up with a towel
  • Slept 2 days straight for 12 hours each night
  • Seems to be sleeping through most nights now
  • Was playing with the dog
  • Falls and gets right back up
  • Shows displeasure when brothers tease him by yelling at them
So many more little things too that have been progress.  It is wonderful to see.  Praying it continues.  

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