Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nate's Favorite Broken Toy

Recently, Nate has started playing more and more.  Those on my Facebook page have seen some videos of that.  One of his favorite toys was a telephone. 

A neighbor had a yardsale and insisted we take this toy.  Nate LOVES it!  After this, he was walking around with it pulling the string.

Then, the wheels fell off.  But, still played with it.

Then this happened.  Beyond repair and playing with.  Can you tell those are Max's hands?  LOL.

This was his favorite toy day in and day out since he got it.  Till it fell apart.  I was coming on here to ask where I might find one.  There was no name or manufacturer on this phone.  However, I just searched Amazon and found it.  Can I ask now why this phone is $40?!  Is it me or is that just pricey for a toy?  I did find one for about $15 plus $7.50 shipping so not as bad.  Anyhow, glad I now know where to find it.   I just am happy he is actually playing with a toy.  I have even more Nate progress to share. 

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