Friday, August 14, 2015

More Broken Stuff--??

This time, not at our old house.  We have 14 of us that live here.  That is a lot of anything when it comes to using appliances.  Well, our dryer died.  We have tried to revive it literally three times!  Each time thinking we had the solution.  First time, dryer broke.  Max took it apart. Thermal switch.  Replaced it.  $20.  ($10 part/ $10 shipping).  It's a safety mechanism to actually prevent fires in the dryer.  New switch.  Burned out.  Thought vent pipe might be clogged,  Max vacuumed it out. New switch.  $20.  Replaced.  Turned on again.  Same thing.  Cut hole through the wall and made a discovery.

First, dryer removed.  

Next, hole cut in the wall so Max can access it.

Respirator on.  That gray stuff he is sucking up is all lint!

Problem #1 discovered!  See the broken joint?  It is honest to goodness a miracle the entire house did not catch fire.  Truly, it was.  The pipe was buried in lint.  Air could not flow at all.

This leads all the way to the other side of the garage behind that wall.  There was lint all the way back there too!  The picture had been taken after he vacuumed a lot of it up.

Everyone should have a Max in their home.

So, order the 3rd thermal switch ($20) since vent pipe was now cleared.  Installed yet again.  NOT working.  Definitely the dryer as there is nothing else left to fix or check.  I think all the kids were massively disappointed.  Frankly, we are tired of living like the Clampetts.  Even with fabric softener, our clothes are stiff.  Also, they're all over teh house and outside.  We can't stand it.  At least our washer works. Due to the other house stuff happening now, we are unable to get a dryer at this time.  Hoping in another year.  I have never heard more disappointed kids in all my life about a dryer.  We are making due.  Just sucks that it's broken and can't be fixed.  But, can't say we didn't give it a good shot.  We are actively looking on Craigslist and yardsale sites.  Find anything, please do let me know.  

In addition to the dryer, the mower is broken.  Ordered a part for it.  Weedwacker went too.  No blower.  Basically, need some yard equipment right down to rakes and brooms.  LOL.  However, with things as they are, it just can not happen.  This blog is real, so, we're real.  When we did the last home the way we did, our intentions were NOT to be landlords.  Despite it being rent to own, ultimate goal was to sell our home.  Nor did we expect the unexpected to happen but it did.  On top of that, a new A/C unit was needed for our old home.  So, much different than planned but life never is how you plan it, is it?  And that is okay.  We are working on it all.  Literally and figuratively. 

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