Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Miscellaneous Pictures

No real topic here.  But, some pictures nonetheless. 

One night, we left Nate alone to play by himself.  He plays with the vacuum cleaner now instead of being terrified of it.  We wondered why he wasn't moving.  He fell asleep pushing the vacuum.

Summer and Nik were so proud they built their dominoes and knocked them down.  It's the simple things.  

Sometimes it is just nice to see my young adults hanging around the house.  Alaska loves Max and I think the same can be said of him but he'll tell you he hates the dogs. :)  BTW, she lays her head on him every night when we're on the couch watching TV.  

So, we smelled an electrical burn and all of us were trying to trace it. Finally, figured out it was coming from the school room.  Logan had forced the shade on the light bulb.  One light bulb fit but was not the candelabra type that goes w/ the shades.  Forcing it on was just not the best idea. Umm, he blamed the light bulb.  But, no one was hurt and caught it before there was a fire.  So good.  

Just hanging out eating grapes.  This was after a long day previously at the old house.

Digby, still going strong.  No idea how old he is but is going blind it seems.  He ran into the van the other day and well, let's face it, that is hard to miss. Such a mellow fellow.  We love him.

Nate loves to be upside down.  All the time he is like this and chewing/ sucking on his shirt.  It is gross but he won't take a pacifier, won't use the chew tubes, and won't wear a bib.  We're all disgusted by this habit but guess it could be worse.

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  1. Rex used the chew tubes for years, but then he started chewing his shirts and blankets. Got him these bite bands and, surprisingly, he loves them: