Monday, August 31, 2015

Manic Monday

Well, once again the busy weekend escaped me.  So, back to writing during the week on more of a schedule.  Here's a little of what is happening:

  • shed from old house was moved to our new home today
  • Warren had a medical procedure this morning and doing great.  Healthy.
  • both dogs got a bath this past weekend
  • completed paperwork for Summer
  • completed neurology paperwork for Nate
  • completed new therapy paperwork for all
  • new speech therapist coming this week
  • another child has therapy this week
  • youth group this week
  • kids all signed up for 4-H
  • having to find 4 different songs for 4  youngest for Miracle League
  • Miracle League starts in September
  • may or may not sign up Summer and Sofie for cheerleading
  • kids start AWANAS soon
  • reorganizing school room
  • Sofie wrote on the windows in said school room
  • still have to work on old house
  • new renters moving in soon
  • too many sleepless nights lately 
  • going to the library
  • planning day trips (lots of free things to do out there folks!  Places to see)
  • think it will be a fun school year
  • kids were thinking of Halloween costumes already this year
  • need to be creative this year so need to make costumes
  • Bojan is liking his new school 
  • Max needs to pay his ticket from a few months ago
  • Going through all girls winter clothes this week to see if missing anything
Lots going on and it has been busy.  But slowly getting things where they need to be.  More to update this week.   

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