Monday, August 24, 2015

Manic Monday

Phew, made it through the day.  Busy week but aren't they all.  Here goes:

  • Worked on the house again this past weekend. Still nasty but getting better.  More later.
  • Finally caught up on the outside of this home
  • We were gifted a dryer by a very generous family
  • Brought our old refrigerator home from the old house
  • Thinking of moving our shed too
  • New renters coming (fingers crossed)
  • Bojan started his new school today
  • Homeschoolers have been going to school here
  • Planning out homeschooling trips
  • Sofie lost her second tooth
  • Speech therapist started this week here
  • Bought a new car today
  • Paid off a debt today (irony, I realize that)
  • Need to get some back to school stuff
  • Everyone job hunting that can
  • Trying to find something to help w/ house repair situation
  • Need to work on a gofundme for Nate
  • Nate has a swallow study this week
  • Youth group this week
  • Not going to old house this week
  • New developmental specialists we're meeting this week
  • Going through kids' winter coats
  • Therapy this week
  • Sofie's runner sent her medals
  • Lots and lots of paper work to fill out
  • Lawyer needs to be called
  • Accountant needs to be called
  • Realtor needs to be called
  • Need to have a cook out soon
  • Nate has a check up as well this week
  • Meeting handyman at old house this week
  • Need to figure out Bojan's license thing
  • Need to get Bojan's leg appointment in
  • Need to order propane
  • Need to do surveys
  • Need to send in 4-H apps for kids
  • Need to send in Teen court apps for kids
  • Need to call about homeschool tennis
More going on but limited on time.  Trying to catch up on multiple things.  I have a packet literally inches thick to fill out for neuro for Nate.  It's crazy.   But, all will get done soon enough.  Taking things one day at a time. 

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