Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Manic Monday

Finally getting to write at 12:30 in the morning.  Why am I still up?  Because Nate is still up.   Figures b/c last night we all slept.  Tonight, wide awake.  I have about a thousand things on my mind so maybe it's good he's up.

  • had great company over on Sunday talking about adoption (we're no longer rookies you know)  
  • went to Barnes and Nobles this past weekend for homeschool books as we were blessed w/ a gift card from a friend.
  • today we started homeschool
  • going to library this week
  • going to a Night Out Celebration this week
  • kids have youth gruop
  • kids going to VBS at a different church to check it out
  • Warren has doc appointment
  • Isabelle, Summer and Alyona have doc appointment
  • asking doc but think we'll end up back at neuro w/ Alyona
  • one has therapy this week
  • working on getting other therapy set up
  • lots of phone calls being made this week for various things
  • lawyers are lots and lots of money
  • we have lawyers-- enough said
  • working on paperwork
  • missing Bojan's transcripts needed to enroll him
  • getting stuff set up more for homeschool
  • getting activities organized
  • going to pool this week
  • lots going on at Chaos Manor that I'll share in the next few days
been beyond very busy.  I know this time will slow down but right now, in the midst of chaos and beyond.  And for once, it's not our kids!  More to come in the next couple of days.  And of course, more pics from our trips in June.  Just a tad behind, aren't I?

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  1. Love all the blog posts! How is Logan doing after his surgery? And, Happy Sweet 16, Alyona! Oh yeah, Welcome to the family, Isabelle and Nate!! Hey Steph, I think it's time to update your blog header. Let me know if I can help or even do it for you.
    Hugs, Jo