Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Logan's Birthday

today Logan turns 15 yo.  We brought him home at 11yo.  Lots of change in four years time. That is for sure!  Logan is definitely a teenager.  He has an awesome work ethic and is truly becoming a great reader this year.  Positive changes to be sure.  Turning into a wonderful young man.

We were all still tired from working on our other home the previous day but managed to make a cake per Logan's request.  Cake w/ peanut butter icing. Homemade by Irina.

Ahh, now a smile is starting to come out.

They sign happy birthday song along w/ singing it.  Ironically, Nik never signs it.  LOL.

Logan looks thrilled, doesn't he?  Like I said, we were all pretty tired that day.

Getting ready to make a wish and make it count.

And 15 candles out like that!  It was very low key and that's okay.  Just us, no one else this time. 

All the kids know we still have to do our birthday bash for this year.  I'm pretty certain we are going to defy gravity and then out to dinner with everyone.  See, we usually just have cake on their birthdays that they get to pick.  Alex picked ice cream sundaes and we were all actually loving that choice.  Anyhow, we then do some activity with all of them to celebrate their birthdays.  One year, we went snow tubing.  One year, we went to a water park. Last year, it was supposed to be an amusement park but Reni got sick.  This year, we think we'll stay local and go to Defy Gravity and then out to eat.  We started doing this a few years ago as it was getting to be too much to do birthdays all the time along w/ all the other activities such as soccer that we had going on.  It works for us this way and so, we keep on doing it.  Also makes it easier on the kids that don't really have all that many friends.  We'll probably end up going to our birthday bash either September or October.  We'll see.  

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